In 2014, City View Equestrian became aware of the need to expand our facilities. Our tiny barn and one outdoor arena were no longer filling our demand of year round lessons and boarding!

       We were faced with the decision to build or purchase. After much discussion, we were set on building our dream barn from scratch. Blue prints were created and we even broke ground at our old location in Scottsville, NY.

        Shortly after we started making way on our  plans of expansion, we came across a sale advertisement for "The Wind In The Willow" in Bloomfield, NY. We couldn't help but fall in love with the location, the set up and the facilities. Plans for building came to a halt, and in August 2014 we held the keys to our new property! 

         Since settling in, we have begun major transformations to this long time property and have been upgrading the many amenities we have to offer to our boarders and students. 

More to come:

-New rubber cement floors in all aisleways

-Refinished wash stall

-New bathroom plumbing

-New stall fronts


Indoor riding arena: Kick boards installed around wall of arena. Outdated halogens that threw off a green light removed and replaced with LEDs. Proper storage for jumps and rails installed. New farm machinery purchased for better maintenance of footing. 2018 - 10 more LEDs installed and upgraded footing

General maintenance of appearance and function. New stain, roofing repairs, new windows, landscaping etc.

Outdoor Arena: Originally, no proper base underneath the footing. Gritty footing that was thin and caused packing. New footing purchased. Mixture of soft and non-clumping sand poured and leveled. New lighting for night time riding.

In 2019 - Mary Corke won a grant to expand the outdoor riding arena to grow the show series through "Launch Your Business!" a new, massive 200*300 arena was installed summer of 2019

Indoor Arena Viewing Room: Heating fixed. Room furnished.

New floor, new walling, more efficient layout, improved lighting and general maintenance on our tackroom.

Expanded Facilities

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We are very proud of our new location and look forward to continuing our rehabilitations on it to make it one of the best stables in the area.



28 Stalls: Floor mats removed, ground underneath torn up and scraped, rotted edges of floor bases replaced, 2-4 inches of fresh crusher poured and leveled, floor mats washed and cut to fit stalls exactly.

This has provided a soft floor base for our horses to stand on. Precise cutting of the floor mats reduces waste build up.