Open Schooling


Ring Rental

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Rules for ring rental:

  1. Open schooling hours will be posted on the Facebook pages. Riders may arrive between the listed hours and must be unmounted/leaving by 15 minutes after closing time.
    • Open schooling is $25 per horse/rider combination​
  2. Ring Rental can be scheduled through Mary Honora Corke at (585)386-9338. Hours vary pending the schedule of the barn.
    • Private ring rental is $60 per hour for the large jump ring with fences
    • Fences may be set up to 2'3" without a trainer/professional present. 
    • Fences may be set up to 4' with a trainer/professional present. Liability insurance must be presented to Mary Honora Corke prior to these heights being allowed.
    • Private ring rental of the indoor is $50 per hour
  3. Trailers must park in the back of the property and horses may not enter the barns
  4. Any horse entering the property must have:
    • Current coggins within 2 date years
    • Current Rabies within 1 year
    • Rhino/Flu within 1 year administered by a licensed vet. No over the counter vaccines will be accepted. 
  5. No dogs or other animals permitted
  6. No smoking anywhere on the property
  7. You break it - you buy it
  8. Management has the right to enforce any rules
  9. Management has the right to ask a horse/rider to leave the property if behavior is deemed to be dangerous with no refund. 
  10. Payment must be paid prior to mounting and can be in the following forms:
    • Venmo - @city-view-equestrian
    • Check - "City View Equestrian, LLC"
    • Cash