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What Is It?

       The Free Lesson Raffle is offered to everyone ages 6+ years of age. Whether you're a                current client, a seasoned rider, or never even touched a horse in person before! Enter            information below, for free, to be entered into our live drawing.

What Do I Win?

        The grand prize winner will receive a voucher of 2 free riding lessons. A runner  up will win 1 free lesson. And 3 additional names will be pulled for 50% off coupons on 1 lesson. 

​        EACH City View trainer will pull names from the pile! A total of 6 prize winners. 

When Will The Drawing Be?

        We will draw the winners on April 1, 2020!

What Do I Need To Bring If I Win?

        All riders at our facility must have paddock boots and jeans or breeches to ride in.                     Helmets will be provided - but we always suggest purchasing your own for safety!

Is There Any Commitment After I Redeem My Prize?

       No! Try out riding lessons and go from there! If you like them, come on back for more! 

​When Can I Use My Prize? Is There a Time Limit?

       Winners must redeem their prizes by May 1, 2020

**We are not currently capable of providing safe lessons for Handi-capable riders. Please contact Equicenter or Christian Heritage Services for therapeutic riding. 

For further questions, call Mary at (585)386-9338

Spring Lesson Raffle!

All information below must be provided. Any entries missing information will not be entered into the drawing