City View Equestrian, LLC Horseback Riding lessons are offered all year round.  Our staff teaches 7 days a week to ensure your busy schedule matches ours. Never ridden a horse before? No worries! We teach beginner through advanced lessons to ensure you feel confident in the saddle. 

Straight From The Horse's Mouth:

Our horse boarding services offer pasture and stall board. Our full care option lets you feel comfortable that your horse is safe and cared for at all times. Acres of rolling pastures allow for daily turn out. 

Our show team travels all over New York state throughout the entire year. We attend a multitude of shows to allow different levels of riders to feel comfortable whether they're a first time competitor or a seasoned professional! 

City View is such an amazing environment to be in. The experiences and memories gained are really amazing and fulfilling. When it comes to City View Equestrian, it is undeniable that 100% effort and knowledge are put into teaching and caring for the horses. 

Come visit us today! Give us a call: (585)733-1555

Perseverance, hard work and overcoming fears are just some of the life skills that my daughter is learning at City View.I searched for a long time to find a good trainer that would help my daughter realize her potential. I can’t help but think there are a lot of other people out there looking for a place like City View

Coming to City View has helped me grow immensely as a rider. This facility has welcomed me since day one. I have had more opportunities at City View to grow and become the rider I am today. After many years of barn hopping, I've found the perfect fit at City View. 


Linda Brink

Emma Dean