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Mary Honora Corke
Owner : Head Trainer

Mary has been involved with the horse world in Rochester, NY for over 20 years. Her life long passion inspired the opening of City View Equestrian, LLC in June 2011. Originally starting in the American Quarter Horse Association western pleasure circuit, Mary had a long and successful show career competing in the Palomino Breeder shows, American Quarter horse shows and local competitions. After being introduced to IEA, Mary found herself with a new love and switched her focus to hunters, jumpers and dressage.


Where We Started

City View Equestrian, LLC was established in 2011 in Scottsville, NY. Our goal is to provide a safe, friendly and professional atmosphere that helps riders of all ages and levels to grow and learn at their own rate. Our training is centered around the Hunter Jumper show world. Although we are a show barn, we do not require our lesson students to attend competitions and welcome everyone. 


​      Our name originated from our humble starter facilities (pictured above). Our barn was set atop a large hill that gave us a breath taking 360 degree view of the Bristol mountains and Down Town Rochester. 


    City View Equestrian, LLC boasts it's new facility located in Bloomfield, NY directly outside of Rochester, NY. This new facility has all the luxuries that any horse owner could hope for. With a large outdoor and indoor arena, acres of pastures, large box stalls bedded heavily with pine shavings, heated lounges, indoor washstall, and much more - we're very excited to offer our services to the public!


Hear It From Our Clients

City View has been a fantastic barn for my daughter. She begged to start riding at age 3 and Mary patiently worked with her and has helped her grow as a rider and a person over the subsequent years. Mary cares deeply for any horses and riders in her care. She helped guide us non horse parents through buying, selling and leasing a pony for my daughter. She is always willing to answer our questions and make sure we are completely comfortable with any direction she is taking. Mary has fostered an unwavering love of all things horses in our daughter. I would highly recommend Mary and City View to anyone looking for a great barn family.

Emily S.

I came to City View a little over a year ago after a 5 year break from riding. Mary is an excellent instructor and I could definitely see myself improving each week. I had the opportunity to lease 2 of her lesson horses which allowed me to grow even more. When I was ready to take the plunge into horse ownership Mary was knowledgeable and supportive during the entire process. The horses at City View get excellent care including plenty of spacious turnout. Mary is always upgrading the barn to make it better for the riders and horses. She invests so much time and effort into her students that I know I wouldn’t have learned nearly as much anywhere else.

Julie E.

City View is providing an excellent atmosphere and opportunity for riders of all ages looking to progress in their skills, promoting horsemanship, and a genuine love and appreciation for the horse. Mary is working incredibly hard with a diverse and extensive horse show series that is an asset to the equine community in the region. The industry, region, and horses here are lucky to have this trainer, facility, and showing opportunities in the area not to mention the wonderful attention to the health, wellbeing, and care that is offered. This is a wonderful place to board, lesson, and show!

Candice M.

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