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Come join our team!

Full Care or Dry Care Stall Board

  • 72'x125' indoor riding arena with LED lighting and attached, heated, furnished viewing room

  • 200'x300' outdoor arena with 12' show fences and fill

  • 100'150' outdoor arena for pole work, flat work and young riders/horses

  • Box stalls cleaned daily and bedded deeply with pine shavings

    • Shavings not included in Dry Care option​

  • Free choice hay in stalls and fields

  • Water buckets cleaned daily in stalls 

  • Night check every evening for water and hay top off

  • 32 acres of pastures

    • 20 acre lush grass field with run in sheds​

    • 2, 3 acre lush grass fields with 4 attached 1/2 acre dry lots with sheds

    • 1 grass rehab pasture

    • 1 rehab dry lot that can be converted from 12'x12' to 12'x24' 

    • 5 smaller pastures with limited grass and/or dry lots

  • Heated water troughs in every pasture 

    • Troughs cleaned 3-4 times per week​

  • Turn out schedules are based around weather and horse's personal needs

  • Personalized feed programs for all horses

    • Grain not included in Dry Care option​

    • Meals soaked every feeding at no additional fee 

    • Warm mash in the winters

  • Blanket changes included*

  • Security camera system on the driveway, in the barns, the stalls and around the property

  • Gated property with security code access 

  • Heated, temp controlled tack room

  • Laundry services in barn 

  • Indoor wash stall with hot water

  • Barn owner is a certified equine shipper for show and emergency transportation 

Please call for current boarding rates and contracts

City View Equestrian is a full service training facility. Our stalls are reserved for riders that are a part of our lesson, showing or training programs. Training, lessons, service providers, and extras are not included in board prices. Please inquire for more details about our programs  

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